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Comfort Games presents:

Character Customization System
The purpose of this asset is to provide you with the ability to change the look of characters in your games similar to what you would find in role playing games, battle royale games, fighting, mmo, moba, dress up games etc.

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This asset lets you take compatible characters from the assets store that have separate SkinnedMeshRenderers and mix and match their parts for your prototypes until you are ready to use custom characters.
And it will work with your custom characters that have separate SkinnedMeshRenderers.
Even if you are not a programmer you can still use this system for your game.
It is advised that you have some prior familiarity with the unity game engine.
If you have prior coding experience you should be able to extend the system in some of the recommended ways depending on any custom needs you may have for your game.

• Full Source Code!
• Outfit logical collisions with a matrix visualization.
• Default outfit logic.
• Outfit sorting.
• Outfit categories.
• Category sorting.
• Gender selection and saving.
• Saving equipped outfits.
• Buying and saving outfits.
• Discovering and saving outfits.
• Uses MVC pattern.
• Visual separation between categories and outfits.
• Generating base characters and pieces and temporary icons.

• This asset works best with unity 2018.4 and above. (2019, 2020 etc.)
• This asset works with any render pipeline.

Some of the many compatible assets:

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