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Crew Neck Pullover Knit Pattern

The diagonally-crossed ribs on this rugged crew-neck pullover give it an interesting lattice-work texture.


To fit 38[40 :42]in chest

Garment measures: 411/2(431/2:461/2)in at under­arm

Length from shoulder: 27in

Sleeve seam: 19in

Note Instructions for larger sizes are given in brackets [].


Patons Beehive Shetland Chunky 16[17:18] 13/4oz/50g balls

Color shown: Wensleydale

Pair each of sizes 8 and 10 knitting needles


15sts and 20 rows to 4in over st st worked on size 10 needles

To save time, take time to check gauge.


T2L – (Twist 2 left) With RH needle behind LH needle, skip first st, K 2nd st tbl, insert RH needle into backs of both sts and K2 tog tbl. T2R – (Twist 2 right) K2tog, leaving sts on LH needle, then K first st again in normal way, then sl both sts off needle tog.


Using smaller needles, cast on 76[82 :88]sts and work KI, P1 rib for 3in, inc 24sts evenly across last row. 100[106 :112]sts

Change to larger needles and patt:

1st patt row P.

2nd row (RS) * T2L, (T2R) twice, rep from * to last 4sts, T2L, T2R.

3rd and every other row P.

4th row Kl, T2L, *T2R, (T2L) twice, rep from * to last st, Kl.

6th row (T2L) twice, *K2, (T2L) twice, rep from * to end.

8th row Kl, * (T2L) twice, T2R, rep from * to last 3sts, T2L, Kl.

10th row T2R, *T2L, (T2R) twice, rep from * to last 2 sts, T2L.

12th row K3, * (T2R) twice, K2, rep from * to last st, Kl.

These 12 rows form pan. Cont in patt until Back measures 27in, ending with a WS row. Shape shoulders:

Keeping patt correct, bind off 11[12:13]sts at beg of next 6 rows.

Bind off rem 34sts.


Work as for Back until Front measures 12 rows less than Back to shoulder shaping, ending with a WS row.

Shape neck:

Next row Work in patt across first 45[48: 51]sts, turn and leave rem sts on a spare needle.

Cont on these sts for first side.

** Bind off 3sts at beg of next row and 2sts at beg of every other row 2 times. Dec one st at neck edge on every other row 5 times, at the same time when Front measures same as Back to shoulder ending at armhole edge, shape shoulders as for Back **. With RS of work facing, rejoin yarn to rem sts.

Next row Work in patt across first 10sts and sl on to a holder, work in patt to end. Work 1 row in pan.

Complete to match first side, working from ** to **.

SLEEVES (make 2)

Using smaller needles, cast on 40[46: 52]sts. Work in rib as for Back inc 18sts evenly across last row. 58[64 :70]sts.

Change to larger needles and patt: Work as for Back, inc one st at each end of every 4th row until there are 90[96: 102]sts, working extra sts into patt. Work even until Sleeve measures 191/2in. Bind off


Block each piece separately, but do not press.

Neckband Join left shoulder seam. With RS facing and using smaller needles, pick up and K 34sts along back neck, 20sts down left side of neck, lOsts from holder at center front and 2Osts up right side of neck. 84sts. Work in K1, PI1, rib for liin. Bind off in rib.

Join right shoulder seam and neckband. Measure 9[10:10]in down from edge of shoulder seam, marking this point on both front and back.

Sew Sleeves in place between markers. Join side and sleeve seams.

Designed by Judy Dodson

Patons and Baldwin Ltd

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