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How to Knit Cable Without a Cable Needle

This project is perfect for learning how to work cables without a cable needle, as the vast majority of the cables use only two stitches, which reduces the potential for dropped stitches. For ease of explanation, the directions below describe how to work a in cable, but the same principles can be applied to cables involv¬ing more stitches.
Step 1: Slip the first stitch off of the left-hand needle and let it drop (Figure 1) in the front of the work for a left-leaning cable or in the back of the work for a right-leaning cable.
Step 2: Slip the next stitch onto the right-hand needle to temporarily hold it, keeping the dropped stitch in front (Figure 2) or back.
Step 3: Return the dropped stitch to the left-hand needle, then return the held stitch from the right-hand needle to the left-hand needle (Figure 3).
Step 4: Work these 2 stitches in their new order (Figure 4) to complete the cable.

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