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Turkish Cast on Method

This method is worked by first wrapping the yarn around two parallel needles, then using a third needle to knit the loops on each of the two nee­dles. The loops on one needle are the foundation for the instep and the loops on the other needle are the foundation for the sole.

Hold two double-pointed needles parallel to each other. Leaving a 4″ (10 cm) tail hanging to the front between the two needles. wrap the yarn around both needles from back to front half the number of times as desired stitches (four wraps shown here for 8 stitches total), then bring the yarn for­ward between the needles (Figure 1).

Use a third needle to knit across the loops on the top needle, keeping the third needle on top of both the other needles when knitting the first stitch (Figure 2).

With the right side facing. rotate the two cast-on needles like the hands of a clock so that the bot­tom needle is on the top (Figure 3).

Knit across the loops on the new top needle (Figure 4).

Rotate the needles again and use a third needle to knit the first 2 stitches of the new top needle. There will now be 2 stitches each on two needles and 4 stitches on another needle (Figure 3).

The two needles with 2 stitches each will form the bottom of the foot; the needle with 4 stitches will form the top of the foot. Using a fourth needle, begin working in rounds.

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