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White with Blue Stripe Cardigan Pattern

Instructions are for size 32. Changes for 34, 36, 38. 40 and 42 are in parentheses

MATERIALS — Knitting Worsted Weight obtained by holding 2 strands of Sport yarn held tog.

SPINNERIN Pippin (50-gr) 10(11-12-12-13-14) White A 4800 and 8(8.8-8-8-9) Blue B 4829

OR Sport 12-oz) 9(10-11-12-12-13) A and 6(6-7-7-7) B OR Sabrina (50-gr) 10(11-12-12-13-14) A and 8(8-8-8-8-91 B

OR Corky (50-gr) 10(11-12-12-13-14) A and 8(8-8-8-8-9) B NEEDLES: “Boye or Diana” No. 5 and No. 7 OR SIZE TO GIVE GAUGE

GAUGE: 5 sts = 1 inch

Grows = 1 inch

FINISHED MEASUREMENTS (in inches) 32(34-36-38-40-42)

NOTE: Sweater is worked by holding 2 strands of yarn tog. Solid White is referred to as AA, solid Blue BB and Tweed AR

STRIPE PAT: 6 rows AA, 2 rows BB, 6 rows AB, 2 rows BB; rep these 16 rows for Stripe Pat.

BACK: With smaller needles and AA, cast on 88(93-98­103-108-1131 sts. Beg with a K row, work in St St for 7 rows. K 1 row on wrong side for turning ridge. Beg with a K row, change to larger needles and Stripe Pat. Dec 1 st each side every 11/2 inches 4 times, work to 17 inches above turning ridge or desired length to armhole. Place markers at beg and end of row. 80(85-90-95-100-105) sts. Continue in Stripe Pat until armhole measures 6’h (7-71/2 -8-8-81/2 l inches.

Shoulders: At beg of next 4(6-4-2-6-21 rows, bind off 10(10-11-12-12-13) sts then at beg of next 2(0-2-4-0-41 rows bind off 9(0-10-11-0-12) sts. Bind off remaining sts.

LEFT FRONT: With smaller needles and AA, cast on 38(40.43-45-47-50) sts. Work hem as on back. Change to larger needles and Stripe Pat. Dec 1 st at side edge every 1’h inches 4 times, work until same length as Back to armhole. Place marker. 34(36-39-41-43.46) sts. Continue in pat until armhole measures 4 Y7(5-51/2 -6-6-6’h) inches end­ing at neck edge.

Neck: Bind off 3(4-4-4-4-5) sts beg next row, work to end. Dec 1 st at neck edge every other row 2(2-3-3-3-41 times. Work until armhole measures same as back to shoulders. Shape shoulders same as on back.

RIGHT FRONT: Work same as Left Front reversing all shaping

SLEEVES: With smaller needles and AA, cast on 64170­/4.80.80-84) sts. Work in K 2, P 2 rib for 5 inches for cuff. Change to larger needles and St St and work 4 rows. Work 2 rows BB, 6 rows AB, 2 rows BB. Change to AA and work until sleeve measures 20 inches from beg (allowing for a 21/2 inch cuff) or desired length. Bind off.

FINISHING: Seam shoulders. Set in sleeves between markers. Sew side and sleeve seams. Hem.

Left Front Band: With smaller needles beg at lower Left Front from right side at turning ridge, pick up a multiple of 4 sts evenly spaced up front. Work in K 2, P 2 rib for 1% inches ending at lower edge. P 1 row. Continue in K 2, P 2 rib until 1 row less than 1Y. inches. Bind off in rib.

Right Front Band: Beg at neck, work same as Left Band being certain to have the same number of sts. Sew front bands.

Neck Band: Beg at Left Neck Edge from right side, work same as Left Band but working turning ridge after 1 inch. Fold under and sew. Sew band openings.

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