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Scandinavian Sweater and Hat Free Pattern

SIZES: Directions for size 12. Changes for sizes 14 and 16 are in parentheses..

Body Bust Size: 32″ (34″-36″).

Blocked Bust Size: 36″ (39″-42″).

MATERIALS: Knitting worsted, 4 ply, 4 (5-5) 4-oz. skeins white, main color (MC); 3 skeins tur­quoise, contrasting color (CC). 14″ knitting needles No. 4; 29″ circular needle No. 7; set of dp needles No. 7. (Or English sizes 9 and 6). Seam binding.

GAUGE: 11 sts = 2″; 6 rows = 1″ (No. 7 needles).Pattern Notes: Always change colors on wrong side, picking up CC strand from under MC strand, and MC strand over CC strand. Carry unused color across loosely; if more than 3 sts between colors, twist strands after every 3rd st. Cut and join colors when necessary. See above for another method of knitting in a two-color design.

Note: Body of pullover, above ribbing to shoulder, is tubular. Armholes are cut later.

 Knit this patterned pullover in the Scandinavian way: tubular to the shoulders on a circular needle. Method makes two-color knitting easy, eliminates purling back. Armholes are stitched and cut, sleeves are set in. Matching cap, sleeves are worked on double-pointed needles. A great wintertime project!

Pullover Length Note: Pullover will measure about 21″ (22″-23″) from lower edge to top of shoulders. For longer or shorter pullover, add or subtract desired number of inches before start of pattern.

BODY: Beg at lower edge of back and front, with MC and No. 4 straight needles, cast on 200 (216-232) sts.

Twisted Ribbing: Row 1: * K 1 in back 1p, p 1, repeat from * across. Repeat this row for twisted ribbing for 8 rows. S1 sts to No. 7 circular needle. Put and keep a marker on needle between last and first sts. Join, being careful not to twist sts. Work around in stockinette st (k each rnd) until piece measures 12″ (13″-14″) from start (see Length Note). Check gauge; piece above ribbing should measure 36″ (39″-42″) around.

Pattern: Rnds 1-57: Following chart 1, work pat in stockinette st, starting at arrow and repeating pat to end of md.

Next Rnd: With CC, bind off loosely 96 (104-112) sts (back), put a marker on work for left armhole, bind off loosely remaining 104 (112-120) sts (front), put marker on work for right armhole.

SLEEVES: Beg at lower edge, with MC and No. 4 straight needles, cast on 44 (44-48) sts. Work in twisted ribbing as for body for 2″. Divide sts on 3 dp needles. Mark end of md. Join, being careful not to twist sts.

Inc Rnd: * (K 1, inc 1 st in next st) 5 (5-4) times, k 1 (1-4), repeat from * 3 times-64 sts. K 1 rnd. Following chart 1, work pat reds 1-13. With MC only, work even until piece measures 10″ (9″-8″) from start. Inc 1 st each side of marker on next row, then every 3/4″ 9 (11-13) times more-84 (88-92) sts. Work even until piece measures 17″ (17%%18″) from start or desired sleeve length. Check gauge; piece above last inc row should measure 151/4″ (16%163/0 around. Bind off loosely.

COLLAR: Beg at outer edge, with MC and No. 4 straight needles, cast on 150 (160-170) sts. Work in twisted ribbing for 8″. Bind off loosely in ribbing.

FINISHING: Run in yarn ends on wrong side. Sew twisted ribbing at lower edge of body and sleeves. Steam-press pieces; do not press ribbing.

Slash Armholes: Baste a straight line from marker at shoulder edge down for 8″ (8 1/2″-83/4″) at each arm side. Machine-stitch twice, using a loose tension and small sts, 1/4″ each side of basting. Slash along basting line. With CC, sew shoulder seam from arm­hole edge in for 16 (18-20) sts. Fold armhole edge of sleeve in half between underarm incs; placing inc edge of sleeve at underarm of body and center top of sleeve at shoulder seam, stretching sleeve to fit armhole, sew in sleeves from right side, lapping sleeve over armhole (to conceal raw edge). Steam-press raw edges toward sleeves. Cover wrong side of armhole seams with seam binding, or overcast seam with yarn. With center back of collar at center front of neck and ends at center back, sew bound-off edge of collar to neck edge. Weave seam at center back of collar up for 4″. Fold collar in half to wrong side; tack in place if desired.

CAP: CUFF: Beg at top edge, with MC and dp needles, cast on loosely and divide 116 sts on 3 needles. Mark end of rnd. Join; work around in rib­bing of k 1, p 1 for 1 rnd. Following chart 2, starting at arrow, work pat in stockinette st (k each rnd) as follows:

Rnds 1 and 2: Work rnd 2.

Rnds 3-9: Work reds 3-9.

Rnds 10 and 11: Work rnd 10.

Rnd 12: With MC, knit.

Rnd 13 (eyelet md): With MC, * yo,.k 2 tog, repeat from * around. With MC,. k 5 rnds; with CC, k 1 rnd; with MC, k 1 rnd; with CC, k 1 rnd; with MC, k 5 rnds. Turn work. With MC, k 2 rnds. Following chart 2, work and repeat rnds 1-10 4 times.

Shape Top: Next Rnd: With MC, k 2 tog around-58 sts. Repeat last md twice. Cut MC, leaving a 10″ end of yarn; draw remaining sts tog and fasten securely on wrong side.

POMPON: Wind each color 75 times around a 21/2″ piece of cardboard. Tie one end; cut other end. Trim; fasten securely to top.

FINISHING: Run in yarn ends on wrong side. Turn cuff on eyelet rnd to right side; hem in place. Steam-press cap lightly.


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